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The visual glue machine most people know that it was first used in the PCB board industry. With the continuous improvement of the later technology, it is now mainly used in the CCD industry camera industry. Mainly by grasping the product, the image analysis signal is fed back to the integration, and then the three axis parts of the movement are commanded to capture and quickly spot the glue.


The visual dispensing machine has the functions of large storage hard disk, software area array, translation operation and other functions. The attached CCD vision detection and location system can assist program editing, track the coordinate trajectory in real time, shorten the time of editing program, and improve the programming efficiency.


Secondly, it can control the size of glue, speed, dispensing time and stopping time parameters. It can control the time of general glue production at 1ms. It has intelligent breaking glue, which can prevent glue from happening, glue and stabilize. It can be used at the same time with multi head fine-tuning rubber cylinder fixture, and the efficiency is doubled. It can also save the time of glue changing, increase productivity and business competitive advantage by using 300CC large rubber cylinder or pressure storage operation.


Visual glue machine is easy to operate, easy to learn, easy to understand, for front-line workers are not well educated, can improve the learning efficiency, but also save a lot of time and cost of training for the enterprise, further more efficient completion of customer orders, called the traditional process and shorten the delivery cycle, the sale of mutual impression or, imperceptibly enhance the enterprise's reputation.

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